"How old is he?"

Translation:Hány éves?

August 24, 2016

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Why is Hány éves van not accepted?


Because using van would be about existence. So, what you are aiming for is like "How many years (old) is he" and what you actually say is like "How many years (old) does he exist" or even "How many {years (old ones?)} are there"... umm, yes, it makes as little sense. Describing someone/something with adjectives - no van, no vannak.


Why not "Hány éves van ő"?


Hány éves ő? makes sense grammatically but it sounds a bit rare. The use of "van" is like simply wrong here, you are describing someone with properties - this is hardly an action, it's not about existence, therefore van is outright omitted. (just like vannak would be in plural, and only these two)


In hungarian the subject when it's possible is not menzioned, why the coniugation of the verb already gives us the person interested in conversation. Anyway is strange that "van" is not accepted, in conversation whit hungarians they usually use "Hany èves vagy " or "hany eves van " if they mean referred to decond or third singular person


Have you ever actually heard "Hány éves van?" ? I've never heard it used this way and it sounds very awkward in my opinion...


So is this the same as how old is she?


Yes. Also "how old is it?".


And also the same as "how old are you"?


How old are you, formal. Just for clarification.


How would you say "How old is Peter"?


You say: "Hány éves Péter?"


They accept "hany eves o"


This answer grammatically incorrect. Refering to a gender needs explicit statement of the woman "she" or the man "he". The 3rd. person singular pronoun "Ő" means she/he. So the correct answer is "mennyi idős ő?" or "hány éves ő?". But of course Hungarian is a genderless language, it does not have gender specific pronouns and lack grammatical gender. "how old is (he)" literally means "milyen öreg ő ( in this case this specific man)". Of course this sentence structure also incorrect. Sounds difficult but it is not. Because when you ask someone about a 3rd person's age the one you are talking to will know who are you talking about. For example, you want to know how old John/Martha is, just say "mennyi idős John/Martha?" or "hány éves John/Martha?". Easy peasy, lemon squeeze


It's not easy to figure out where you are getting at. One thing is sure: "Hány éves" is a perfectly normal question to ask when you want to know the name of a given (third) person.


Is it not correct if you write: "Ő hány éves"?


It must be accepted.


Is "Milyen idős" correct?

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