"We are not going where those animals are coming from."

Translation:Nem megyünk arra, amerről azok az állatok jönnek.

August 24, 2016

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The English sentence makes it sound like "Nem odamegyünk, ahonnan azok az állatok jönnek" should be a correct answer...


If you say "Nem odamegyünk", the focus is on the whole verb, you are negating it. The result is, you are saying something like "we are not GOING THERE but rather "COMING FROM there". Contrasting it with another verb.

Now, you can simply split the verb, keeping the same order:

"Nem oda megyünk...." - Here you are negating the "oda" part only. So, we are not going THERE, we are going to another place instead.

And you can split and swap the two parts:

"Nem megyünk oda" - Here you are simply denying going there.

Oh, and you can deny "megyünk" without swapping:

"Oda nem megyünk..." - It puts a special emphasis on that place. TO THAT PLACE, we are not going.


"odamegy" could also be used, but in this case, we'd put the preverb after the core of the verb: "Nem megyünk oda, ..."

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