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  5. "Are they new drivers?"

"Are they new drivers?"

Translation:Ők új sofőrök?

August 24, 2016



Can you also say "Vannak uj soforok"?


That would mean "Are there new drivers?".


I was taught in a university Hungrian class that pronouns like én, te, ő, etc. aren't necessary unless special emphasis is needed, because the verb already indicates the person performing the action. I find this app's teaching frustrating. It does it in Italian, too, and again, I was taught at the Defense Language Institute that they aren't necessary in Italian, either.


Does sofőr mean a person driving a car (in the case of this question a teen driver here in the US), or a professional driver, like a chauffeur or a taxi driver?


confused as to why the sentence te énekes vagy apparently requires the verb, but this one does, nor does ön énekes


Third person (he, she, they , it) does not use the verb to be - first and seccond person (I, we, you) must.

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