"The bird is flying here from where that ship is coming."

Translation:Arról repül ide a madár, amerről az a hajó jön.

August 24, 2016

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Arról? Does that mean, like, "from there"? Since the sense here is basically "to here", shouldn't we use erre?


It isn't "from there" in the sense that th bird & the ship were at the same place before, but that they're coming from the same direction. "Erre" can be used as "to here", but it's more like "this way."


"Arról" - from that direction.
"Onnan" - from that location.
"Erre" - toward here, in this direction, in the direction of the speaker.
"Ide" - to this location.

So it could be argued that the Hungarian translation is not necessarily correct. Or not the only possible solution.

"Onnan repül ide a madár, ahonnan az a hajó jön." - should also be accepted.

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