"Annyi víz van a folyóban, amennyi a tengerben."

Translation:There is as much water in the river as there is in the sea.

August 24, 2016

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This just seems... unlikely


Az Amazon folyóról, illetve a Hupikéktengerről van szó.


A Hupikéktengerből a törpék számára Hupikékóceán lenne ennyi vízzel. (For English speakers: we are talking about Smurfs, what is Hupikék törpikék in Hungary. Hupikék is a kind of blue, but the word exists only in the cartoon, törpikék is from törpe, dwarf or gnome, and törpike is az even smaller version, törpikék is its plural.)


Would it be possible to use the plural too? "There is as much water in the rivers as there is in the seas?"


Quick clarif: amennyi works for both Much and Many in this construction? In English we would say as much water as, but as many people as, for example. Both are amennyi, yes?


Yes, "amennyi" works with both (countable and uncountable nouns). But for example "ahány" (meaning is the same) works only with countable nouns.

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