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"Yo hablo por teléfono con mi hija."

Translation:I speak on the phone with my daughter.

February 4, 2013



Why not 'on telephone''


Its not proper english. We would say on THE telephone, or by telephone. "On telephone" is not grammatically correct in english.


why is it 'por' and not 'en la telefono'?


It just is. "Por" = "by means of" and is used for mediums of communication and transportation. "en" would mean you are sitting on the telephone.


Stating it as "by means of" makes it much easier to grasp the concept of why it's "por" instead of "en el" Thanks!

I've come to realize that sometimes you have to translate things into a more formal English statement to make sense of the Spanish version. I've also noticed this with the word "ropa" where I usually say clothes in English (which uses plural forms: the clothes are...) but it makes it easier to translate it as clothing (which uses the singular forms: the clothing is...) to match the singular forms that Spanish uses.


Yer gettin' it! "Vacaciones" looks plural, but is singular, vacation. Por and para will cause much grief, by the way. :)


Thanks for the explanation. I got the answer right because I was translating from Spanish to English and I knew it wasn't saying "I speak for the telephone with my daughter," but I didn't understand WHY it meant "on" the phone.


I think "por" can also be translated as "via"


Why is my answer of "I'm speaking on the telephone with my daughter" marked incorrect?


They are two different statements. There is no estar in this sentence so it cannot be "I am" (I'm). Imagine that someone asked you the question "what do you do on fridays"... "I speak with my daughter" ... you couldnt say "I am speaking with my daughter" unless it is happening right now. In spanish it would be "estoy hablando con mi hija"


Note* I am still learning, but this is how I understand it. Maybe someone can confirm this for us?


Thanks! That makes a lot of sense.


Ernewein, there are 2 present tenses in English both of which are used fairly changeably. Present Simple "I talk" Present continuous "I am talking". In Spanish the Present Simple "Yo habla" = "I talk" only. The Present Continuous would be "Estoy hablando" and is not interchangeable with the simple tense.

I don't know more than that, but that's just the way it is! Now in French to English the two are not distinguished much if at all....go figure.


why is - i speak over telephone with my daughter - incorrect? DL took 1 heart because of not using via :(


Why do I have to write YO HABLO instead of HABLO? It's telling me I'm wrong because I missed a word.


I answered:"I spoke over the telephone with my daughter." If hablo had an accent over the o, would I have been correct?


why can't it be I speak through the phone with my daughter? I thought por could also mean through


I wroto por el telefono why dont we use the the


Raar! It sounded like she said, "Yo hablo vor telefono col mi hija." I was confused because they hadn't taught me either of those words yet. Of course, my family was talking VERY LOUDLY over my espanol lesson, but still. My last heart!


Can you also say "I speak by telephone to my daughter"?


I like the new update which highlights the words that are incorrect


Why isnt i speak on the phone to my daughter accepted


Why cant i say "through the phone"


That doesn't make sense in any language


I wrote the correct answer


Why can't you say "I'm on the phone with my daughter"


I talk on the phone with my daughter. Was marked incorrect.

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