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Brainscape deck for Bokmål Norwegian

Hello, learners of Norwegian! For those of you who have wanted to study the words you learn on Duolingo, and don't like/ don't want to use Memrise, I am currently creating a deck on an app called Brainscape for the Duolingo vocabulary. I enjoy Memrise, but I personally find Brainscape far more helpful, so if anyone else has Brainscape, you can go online and search "Duolingo Norwegian" and you will find my deck. I have exactly half of the Norwegian vocab in the deck so far and I have posted it. It takes a while to get all of the words into flashcards, and I'm still working on it, the rest should be up by tomorrow. Thanks. Let me know if you want to use it and cannot find it.

Edit: Apparently, it wasn't showing up, so here's a direct link: https://www.brainscape.com/packs/8006750/invitation?referrer=788857

Edit 2: I decided to just do the rest, so, yeah, it's finished, the entire Duolingo course ( or at least the entire Duolingo Memrise Norwegian course) is now on brainscape. Took me forever, so I hope you like it!

August 25, 2016



What an amazing job. I'm not studying Norwegian now but I wish I were. Every language here should have someone like you. I love brainscape. BTW how many words are in the course roughly?


Roughly 3000, exactly 3118!

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