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  5. "Siedem to moja liczba."

"Siedem to moja liczba."

Translation:Seven is my number.

August 25, 2016



What would this mean? 7 is my favorite number? 7 is the number I'm picking?

Chcę czytać przykłady proszę.


Probably "the number I'm picking", although "my favourite number" seems good as well.


Ok so just like English. Dzięki


Is liczba the same as numer?


No. "liczba", as Wiktionary says, is "a number" as an abstract entity. So it's what we use in mathematics, it's what we'd use to describe an amount of something, etc.

"numer" is "used to show the rank of something in a list or sequence". So for example, the room number 7. The number you had on the attendance list of your class in school. The number on the back of the footballer's shirt. The number of the house/flat etc. Also a telephone number.


Ah, we make the same distinction in German (liczba = Zahl, numer = Nummer) and Norwegian (tall / nummer).


So "cyfra" won't suit here as well?


"cyfra" is a digit (7 is a one-digit number, 8215 is a four-digit number), although something tells me that the Polish word may be used more commonly than the English one. I see we accept "digit" in English, so I guess we should accept "cyfra" in Polish as well. Added.


You guessed right!


My number is seven, isn't correct because it would require the use of numer and not liczba?


You changed the subject from "Seven" to "My number", and we really don't like changing the subject here.

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