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  5. "אני גבר."

"אני גבר."

Translation:I am a man.

August 25, 2016



Does the last character make an "l" sound similar to the last letter of the English word "gavel" or " shovel"? It sounds that way from the audio, but as I see it, that character is called "resh" and should make an "r" sound like "giver" or "water." Can someone help me out here? What would be the difference between this pronunciation and, for example, the pronunciation of the word if it were to end with the character ל as in גבל.

Thanks in advance!


The modern Hebrew "r" is the same as the French "r" or north German "r". That is, it's rolled at the back of the throat. Make the same sound as you would gargling and you'll be almost perfect. :)


Hard to tell for me, but i think it's a very soft 'r' sound similar to that in water.


What is the difference between גבר and איש?


When you want to be specific about the gender, you use גבר. It is true that איש is also masuline, but if you want to refer to someone either male or female, since you don't have another way of doing it, you wold also use איש in many cases. So איש can be either "man" or "person".


And אדם is people, man, ...?


person, human being, man


איש means a people


Is there a reason why when i type איש instead of גבר its wrong?


Because the word for "man" we are taught in this course is גבר.

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