"You eat avocado."

Translation:אתם אוכלים אבוקדו.

August 25, 2016

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why is this wrong: אתא אוכל אבוקדו? why must it be אתם אוכלים?


I should probably know the answer to this, but I just have to ask why there's no direct object pointer in this sentence. For example, in another exercise, we had אני אוכלת את הפיצה - I am eating the pizza. What's the dealio? Thanks for the help. (Got mad love for you, my homies!) :)


The direct object marker את precedes only direct objects that are definite, either because they have an article, or because of their meanings (for example, a person's name).


You're da best! That really clears it up. Thank you!

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