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"Hoy es nuestro último día de vacaciones."

February 4, 2013



"today is the last day of our vacation" I think this one is better...


I agree it should at least be an alternative.


me too, the vacation sounds way to literal


I disagree, in that the whole point of the exercise is to learn vocabulary and grammar, so you should translate the sentence as it is written, not a similar version you prefer.. "Today is the last day of our vacation" would be different in Spanish (just as it's different in English).


No, no, no, no no, that is transliteration, professional translators would not do this, they would convert to what people would understand. Last day of vacation sounds like the Exodus of the Jews, nothing to do with holidays,which is the real meaning,


Yeah, but we're not talking about professional translators. We're talking about people trying to learn the basic vocabulary and grammar of a language.


i would agree if all translations were literal, but i think you would agree there is a certain amount of inconsistency here. It's like sometimes Duolingo wants it translated lterally because they are testing you, and then other times ( for example: "lleva varias horas de trabajo" they want the meaning of the sentence).I agree with GrahamRawlinson on this one.


"Today is our last day of holidays" is wrong?


"vacaciones" looks plural but is actually singular. I know, the drop down says "holidays" and "vacations." ????


I think it's just a case of something they pluralize in the Spanish context but not in the English.


No, I agree with you. Although, I had, "Today id the last day of our holidays". The response twas that I was wrong for using a plural, but where I come from it is the most natural way of saying this.


This is just wrong, in english it is "last day of holidays", not holiday, thanks


Yes, for me it should be best option for translation is last day of our holidays. The use of singular and plural is quite complex and my guess would be that it varies regionally and even family to family?


It accepted "today is our last vacation day", which seems (to me) to be both natural English and a near transliteration.


I got this wrong and i think here it is about learning the word meanings, not trying to figure out exactly what the perfect literal way to say something is. Especially since at times the computer seems to go with the sentence that makes more sense in English rather than a perfectly literal translation. So this going back and forth is confusing at times.


I believe the alternate translation would require a change in the location and form of nuestro. "Today is the last day of our vacation." (Hoy es ultimo día de nuestras vacaciones.) Hopefully an expert or staff member will help resolve this issue.


today it is our last day on vacation seems right to me.¿ por qué no es una opción?

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