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  5. "מה משמעות היקום?"

"מה משמעות היקום?"

Translation:What is the meaning of the universe?

August 25, 2016



You beat me to it! חחח


ארבעים ושתיים


החיים, היקום וכל השאר


I see you read the Hebrew version, as this is not a direct translation from the English title.


I have a copy, but I didn't read it. It's too hard for me.


No matter, the English is better. It doesn't miss references like the dark, long teatime of the soul.


But what is the meaning of 42? If we don't know the meaning of 42 the answer is meaningless


If I remember correctly, according to the book, the corresponding question to the answer of 42 is "How many roads must a man walk down?" LOL


מה המשמעות של היקום is aceptable?


It should be :)


i have a list of about 50 things related to the number 42. the most interesting to me is that it is the angle at which light enters raindrops in order to make rainbows. hey! this is my 42nd day on duolingo!


Whats wrong about: "What is the sense of the universe"


I am wondering about the pronouciation of this sentence ( מָה מַשְׁמָעוּת הַיְּקוּם ). Is the pronounciation of the word "the universe" (הַיְּקוּם) correct? It seems like there should be an "i" vowel sound from the dipthong combination of "הַיְ" but I hear an "a" vowel sound instead in the audio.


Well, in Biblical niqqud, if a noun started with יְ־, the definite article הַ־ did not double the following consonant yodh, but formed a diphthongh, i.e. a syllable was lost: הַיְלָדִים hay-lā-dîm the children and הַיְאוֹר hay'ōr the Nile. This speaker here does not follow this tradition of saying הַיְקוּם, but instead says [ha-ye-❤❤❤], as if it were הַיְּקוּם.


Thanks for the explanation, I am more familiar with the biblical tradition. But I also seek to understand modern Hebrew and how it differs from biblical Hebrew. Your explanation is helpful.


I think here is a visual bleep sensor at work. I suppose the algorithm thinks I use some nonstandard orthography for a slang word for semen replacing it with hearts, a strange American delicacy.


Does אִישׁ אֶת רֵעֵ֫הוּ each other have a Biblical ring or is it still usual?


Why not "what is the significance of the universe"? Significance is listed in the hints for משמעות, and I like this question better. The quest for a significant universe may be why we humans seek others "out there" (whether I personally believe in it or not is another question).

Yes, I was marked wrong for it.


Universe=a spoken sentence


I wrote "what does the universe mean" and it was marked wrong.


Well, מַשְׁמָעוּת is a noun. But I think while in English both the verbal and nominal constructions work, Hebrew prefers here the noun.

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