"Ezen a vonaton sehol nem emberek ülnek, hanem kutyák."

Translation:There are no people sitting anywhere on this train, only dogs.

August 25, 2016

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I know that the English translation is going to be messed up, so I don't even bother trying to guess. I just type a couple letters and check what the "right" answer is supposed to be.


This a thousand times. I know what the sentence is trying to convey and I understand all the components, but I know no matter what I type it wont be the exact translation required. Rather than get frustrated I do exactly that, type in a few letters and then see the "right" answer.


On this train, people do not sit anywhere but dogs do.


No people sit anywhere on this train, but dogs. Accepted.


Why did they put nem before emberek and not before ülnek?


-------- sehol likes to have its completer right next to it: sehol nem/sem . . .

ps: so do all the other bi-word negations . . .

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