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  5. "יש לה שיער בצבע חום אדמדם."

"יש לה שיער בצבע חום אדמדם."

Translation:She has reddish brown colored hair.

August 25, 2016



הסדר של המילים בתשובה הפוך מהשאלה


כי סדר המילים בעברית שונה מאנגלית, תואר אחרי שם.


The English translation given indicates that her hair is artificially colored. If it's her natural color we would just say her hair is reddish brown (or the reverse if the red is the dominant color ) or even a reddish brown color is ok. It's the word colored that is misleading.


I suppose if you want to stress that the colour is artificial, you could use the passive participle צָבוּעַ dyed: יֵשׁ לָהּ שֵׂעָר צָבוּעַ חוּם *she has hair dyed brown.


Kinda reminds me of Murderess (the YA fantasy novel I translated), where there’s a legendary character who committed horrible acts but was forgiven because his hair was ginger and that’s considered lucky there.

The character was originally בגיד Bagíd, but he appeared in a poem so I had to rename him so that it’d rhyme. I went with Roythebrune, from Icelandic rauðbrúnn ‘red-brown’.


היא אומרת הוא והמערכת מתקנת לי שזה היא. הכבתי אלף פעמים והיא אומרת הוא.

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