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  5. "You listen to popular music."

"You listen to popular music."

Translation:Słuchasz popularnej muzyki.

August 25, 2016



Im confused why this is genitive. It isn't a negative sentence and isnt obviously lacking the object as with "szukasz popularnej muzyki"

Another that caused me the same confusion was używasz + genitive

Has anyone found a good website that lists all or most of the verbs that use genitive in positive sentences?

Thanks :)


You can take a look at the topic about Genitive here.

"Słuchać" just needs Genitive. "Używać" as well. I don't know if there's any list to be found.


only list I've found has been included in the linked post.


That's exactly what I was looking for. Perfect! Thank you


Would it we possible to add ludowa as a synonim of popular?


No, that's rather in the direction of folk music.


Did I make a mistake with the polite version or is it just not accepted here?

Pan słucha popularnej muzyki.

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