"Ich habe wenige Bücher."

Translation:I have few books.

February 4, 2013

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One of the translations given is "a few", so how do you tell the difference between "few" and "a few"? puzzled


I would say to report it as a mis-translation


couldnt "i have a few books" also work? the meaning is still the same


The sentence means 'few books', not 'a few books', this must be a mistake in the dictionary of duolingo. The meaning of "I have a few books" is not the same as "I have few books". The first sentence just says that you have a small number of books, whereas the second emphasises that you don't have many books, it suggests an expectation that you would have more books. In german you would say something like 'Ich habe einige Buecher' for "I have a few books".


Would "I have less books" not also be acceptable?

[deactivated user]

    No, the German for "less" / "fewer" is "weniger".


    i did "i have little books" and it said i was wrong, though the meaning is the same.


    The meaning is not quite the same here. "I have little books" implies you have books that are small in size. You CAN say "I have little time, I have little space, I have little patience," which refers to how MUCH of something you have. To have "little" (of something) refers to "how MUCH," but not to "how MANY." For example, in reference to how MANY, you would NOT say: "I have little cups, I have little pets, I have little roommates," etc.

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