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"Bạn quen thuộc với cái máy tính của ấy không?"

Translation:Are you familiar with her computer?

August 25, 2016



quen thuoc seems interesting since lam quen is make aquaintance and thuoc ve is belong... so its like belonging aquaintance .... atleast helps me remember quen thuoc...


Quen = to be familiar

Thuộc (lòng) = to belong/to memorise by heart


Looking up the word on the NAVER Korean-Vietnamese dictionary, I get the sense that the word has the nuance of intimate familiarity. (“I know it like the back of my hand.”)

It gives 3 definitions:

  1. 熟知한 일 (something well-known and familiar)
  2. 親하게 되다 (to be close or intimate like a family member)
  3. 잘 아는 / 익熟한 (well-known/familiar)

Although it does not list the Chinese etymology of the word, it is one of the easier ones to deduce based on the sound: 慣熟.

  • : habitual, accustomed to, used to
  • : familiar, well-acquainted

This is a guess, however, as gives thục in all the dictionaries I have consulted. Thuộc gives a completely different character which may or may not be the actual source of thuộc.

In any case, this seems to be used in the same sense as Italian conoscere or Spanish conocer in contrast with sapere and saber.


It sounds like he's saying thượng instead of thuộc.

[deactivated user]

    I agree, is this a southern or other regional accent?


    Either way, it’s not very clear.


    It's been commented on in the past but the speed of this lady's speech does nothing to assist learning. If you could delineate her words familiarity with words would progress the process

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