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When to use gut, gute and guten

I'm a complete beginner and I'm unsure of when to use gut, gute and guten. What's difference between them? Thank you.

August 25, 2016



In German the adjectives decline according to the gender (masculine, feminine, neutral), number (singular and plural) and case (nominative, accusative, dative, genitive).

When the adjective comes alone, you don't put anything on its end. "Der Mann ist gut."

When they are with the nouns, it becomes a little more difficult. It deppends if the article is definite, indefinite or inexistent, too.


Nominative: Der gute Mann, Ein guter Mann, Das gute Kind, Ein gutes Kind, Die gute Frau, Eine gute Frau, die guten Personen.

Accusative: Den guten Mann, Einen guten Mann, Das gute Kind, Ein gutes Kind, Die gute Frau, Eine gute Frau, die guten Personen.

Dative: Dem guten Mann, Einem guten Mann, Dem guten Kind, Einem guten Kind, Der guten Frau, Einer guten Frau, Die guten Frauen.

Genitive: Des guten Mannes, Eines guten Mannes, Des guten Kind, Eines gutes Kindes, der guten Frau, einer guten Frau, der guten Personen

I know it is hard, but once you remember this, it will be easier.

For better understanding: http://germanforenglishspeakers.com/adjectives/adjective-declensions/


Still very complex to me but that was very clear and I'll be coming back and using this!


Danke vielmals for the link (germanforenglishspearkers) , it's enlightening. I'm also a newbie and would really like to learn and understand German, one day at a time.


No mention has been made of Gutem. "Please check if is in good condition" Bitte überprüfen sie ob es in gutem zustand ist".


I've encountered these examples in an 'Intermediate German' text: Sie entwarfen immer gute Pläne. They always drew up good plans. Er hat uns keine guten Pläne gegeben. He hasn’t given us any good plans. What's the rule explaining a usage of 'gute' and 'guten' in the Accusative? Appreciate pointing this out for me in advance!


This can become very complex

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