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  5. "July is a month of summer."

"July is a month of summer."

Translation:Lipiec to miesiąc lata.

August 25, 2016



lipiec to jest miesiąc lata - why can't it be like this? with "jest"?


Well, it's not the greatest construction, we rather use either jest+instrumental or to+nominative, but it's possible, we added it in some other place, so okay, added.


Wow :) thank you for the explanation


This exercise is driving me mad. If I decide to use to they want jest ;If I put jest, they want to.Can't yu accept either in all exercises?


But they are accepted in every "Noun is noun" exercises.

Either one or the other has been put as the 'default' Polish sentence, that's just a choice, but then the other is also correct. So my guess is that you keep making some small typos and get corrections with the 'default' sentence, which unfortunately happens to use not the construction you wanted to use yourself.


How come lata doesn't have to be in genitive?


It is. It's Genitive of "lato", meaning "summer".


Lipiec jest miesiącem latem. I'm trying to understand why this is incorrect.


It's like "July is a month summer". You put both nouns in Instrumental, however "lato" (summer) should take Genitive, because it's "a month of summer". And that Genitive part stays unchanged. miesiąc lata, miesiącu lata, miesiącem lata...

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