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"Mọi thứ đang trở nên đắt hơn mỗi ngày."

Translation:Everything is becoming more expensive every day.

August 25, 2016



Is there any difference in use and/or meaning between "trở nên" and "trở thành" or are they synonyms?


"trở thành": to become something or someone. Example: the grad students "trở thành" doctors, or I "trở thành" a king.

"trở nên": indicate a change of status, usually demonstrated by increasing or decreasing degrees. Example: the housing market "trở nên" worse. Her health condition is "trở nên" better.


Can someone explain to me the difference between "mọi" and "mỗi" and when to use them?


the "d" sounded like a "b" to me...

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