"Három kiflim van, de csak két zsebem."

Translation:I have three kiflis, but only two pockets.

August 25, 2016

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Can anyone explain this sentence. If it were skirts or pants then I could see how pockets are involved. But crescents? Please help


It's a bad choice of English word. "Croissant" might be better, though a Hungarian kifli is not quite the same as a French croissant, I suppose. It's a crescent-shaped pastry or bread roll.

Try doing an image search for kifli and/or kiflik.

I suppose Duo has been in a bakery and bought some kiflik and now doesn't know where to put them.


It should not be translated at all, if English has no own word for it.

Croissants are called Croissants in Austria, and Kipferl are Kipferl.

kifli in Hungarian, rohlík in Czech, Kipferl in Austrian German, кифла/kifla in Serbian, "kifla" in Croatian and Bosnian, corn in Romanian, рогалик/rogalik in Russian, рогалик/rohalyk in Ukrainian, кифла in Bulgarian, кифла in Macedonian, rožok in Slovak and rogal in Polish. In Danish and Swedish, it is called giffel

Croissant has been established under that name sometime in mid 19th century, Kipferl/ Kifli have unproven origin stories going back some centuries to the Turk wars, but only Hörnchen (which is more or less the same) seems to be documented almost a thousand years.

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This is a kifli: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kifli

It's a baked roll that is crescent-shaped, a bit like a croissant, although they are made in different ways.


Kiflik are great! I bake tiny sweet ones for Christmas every year, with a cinnamon and walnut filling.


Ok, yes I actually had one funnily enough yesterday and now I can understand the need for the pockets. Thanks so much


Sounds like a wise proverb! My mother-in-law's family brought a recipe for kifli when they came from Slovakia years ago and we still enjoy them at Christmas.


what is wrong with "i have three croissants, but i only have two pockets" ?


------- i tried, "there are three kiflis but i only have two pockets " duo didn't like it . . .

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i tried, "there are three kiflis but i only have two pockets " duo didn't like it . . .

The Hungarian sentence has három kiflim van "I have three kiflis" and not három kifli van "there are three kiflis".

The possessive -m shows that you are talking about possession, not merely existence.

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