"Friss a kiflink."

Translation:Our kifli is fresh.

August 25, 2016

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Just leave it as kifli. "Crescent" is meaningless and croissants are completely different.


Does this mean a croissant here, again with the crescent


It's a kind of bread roll. It's long, usually shaped like a crescent. I'd call croissants a kind of kifli.


I think, like langos, then, it would go better untranslated. Especially since "crescent" by itself is kind of ambiguous and doesn't necessarily mean "crescent roll". If kifli is going to be translated, I'd add "roll" to the translation for clarity.


Ok they dont exist in Britain or Australia but funnily enough somebody actually bought mr two today after I had done the lesson. They were very nice. Unlike a bread roll you can just eat them. Now I know what they are


I agree completely about the crescent shaped roll. By the way I also think the food section should be included far far earlier in the course. Everyone needs to eat and these things could be explained in there. I presume it is where it is to keep you going to learn it but in my case I just cheated to get to it and am now going over it all a second time.


Yes, I agree that "crescent roll" or "croissant" would be what we'd say in the U.S.


A kifli is nothing like a croissant - not full of butter and even the same is different.


Does this imply that we are sharing a single "crescent" or is it singular but understood as plural like the earlier toothbrush example?


I think it's because here the "nk" ending implies "our" not plural. Multiple kifli would be "kiflik". I don't know what "our multiple kifli" would be. Maybe kifliink?


It seems to be kiflijeink


Yeah I figured there would be a "j" in it somewhere. Thanks for finding that =)


I can accept croissant (even if it doesn't taste at all as such) but it is not consistent to translate it some times as crescents (three questions before, for example)


Hum. Not common scenario.

Here it means there is only one croissant shared by at least two persons. Our croissant is fresh.

If each person has his own croissant then there are more than one croissant involved. So : Our croissants are fresh.


I suspect this actually means one kifli per person. We saw this with other stuff. One object, even for multiple people (ie one per person), is singular in Hungarian.


I mentally pictured a baker replying to a customer's question.

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