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  5. "I like long winter evenings."

"I like long winter evenings."

Translation:Lubię długie zimowe wieczory.

August 25, 2016



OMG I got it right without using the tips. Totally made up "zimowe" like "hurrr why not YOLO".


How is zima/zimowe conjugated here?


"zimowy" is adjective made from "zima"

you need accusative after lubię

wieczory are plural not masculine personal,

accusative plural not masuline personal is zimowe


I assume then that "długie" is in the accusative case as well? I am slowly picking up which verbs take which cases, one verb at a time. (Usually one verb per lesson. In about 20 years, give or take a decade, I may have them all finally listed, after which I might finally complete this tree/course.)


Yes, "lubić" takes Accusative. You may generally remember that the direct object of the sentence takes Accusative and then memorize the exceptions that take Genitive (https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16569658).


"Lubię długie wieczory zimowe" is not correct?


Perhaps we could justify it, treating "zimowe" as a sort of category, but I personally think it's just too unusual.


How about "Lubię długie wieczory zimy", why is that wrong?


We discussed it and decided that it's basically the same as "long evenings of winter" - theoretically there's nothing wrong with it, but it's just not how we say it, it's unidiomatic.


Thank you Jellei, that helps. Another delightful idiosyncracy of Polish :)

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