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  5. "I like long winter evenings."

"I like long winter evenings."

Translation:Lubię długie zimowe wieczory.

August 25, 2016



OMG I got it right without using the tips. Totally made up "zimowe" like "hurrr why not YOLO".


How is zima/zimowe conjugated here?


"zimowy" is adjective made from "zima"

you need accusative after lubię

wieczory are plural not masculine personal,

accusative plural not masuline personal is zimowe


I assume then that "długie" is in the accusative case as well? I am slowly picking up which verbs take which cases, one verb at a time. (Usually one verb per lesson. In about 20 years, give or take a decade, I may have them all finally listed, after which I might finally complete this tree/course.)


Yes, "lubić" takes Accusative. You may generally remember that the direct object of the sentence takes Accusative and then memorize the exceptions that take Genitive (https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16569658).


How about "Lubię długie wieczory zimy", why is that wrong?


We discussed it and decided that it's basically the same as "long evenings of winter" - theoretically there's nothing wrong with it, but it's just not how we say it, it's unidiomatic.


Thank you Jellei, that helps. Another delightful idiosyncracy of Polish :)


Are there rules on how to make adjectives from nouns? I wouldn't have guessed how to make Zima into zimowy. Thanks.


Well, -owy is a common ending for an adjective (and "zim-" is the stem), but it's not the only ending, for example the adjectives for spring/summer/autumn would be: "wiosenny/letni/jesienny". I don't know if there are clear rules for that. In case you're wondering why not "zimny" for "winter" then - it means "cold" ;)


"Lubię długie wieczory zimowe" is not correct?


Perhaps we could justify it, treating "zimowe" as a sort of category, but I personally think it's just too unusual.

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