"A bátyám az a magas fiú ott hátul."

Translation:My older brother is that tall boy there in the back.

August 25, 2016

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Is the word OTT necessary?


In regard to the last question then do you need to specify older or younger brother then in Hungarian?


In practice: yes. The two most often used ways of talking about siblings is either specifying both gender & relative age (báty, öcs, nővér, húg), or not mentioning either (testvér.) Alternatively, you could use fiútestvér/lánytestvér (boy/girl sibling, ie brother/sister.)

Rarely you might encounter fivér (brother.) Also, nővér can be used as sister without specifying age. These two come up usually when you talk about a group of people, for example, the Wachowskis were known as Wachowski fivérek, then they became Wachowski testvérek, now they're Wachowski nővérek. (They are the people who made The Matrix.)


Thankyou. It makes it easier for me


My ELDER brother should be accepted. We don't know if there are more than two


Thst tall boy there in the back is my older brother was rejected.


It was "AZ a magas fiú OTT hatul/ so I translated " THAT tall boy in the back THERE" and it was rejected. DL didn't want ( for once!) There.


Why fiú cannot be translated as "guy"?

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