"Tôi sẽ khóc vào tuần tới."

Translation:I will cry next week.

August 25, 2016



What is that vào doing in there?

It seemed to me that this was saying "I will cry until next week"

August 25, 2016


vào acts like a preposition followed by almost every time indicator (today, tomorrow, weekdays, date, month, year...)


cheers. Is it similar to "in" or perhaps "in the" ?


Some examples to showcase its usage:

Vào ngày 2 tháng 9 = on the 2nd of September

Đi vào nhà = to go inside the house

Tôi sẽ đi học vào tháng tới = I will go to school (a marker that precedes and implies that what follows is when something occurs, similar to the first example except in this case in English we don't really mark it with anything) next month


That's cool, thank you...In England we say "I'm going into work" or "I'm going into town"....I know I shouldn't directly compare two languages, but these little similarities fascinate me.


It gets tricky the more you try to put these kinds of concept into English structure.

In short, in English you have "in the morning, on Monday, in 20th century, in 1945, on 29th January...", all of the prepositions are replaced by "vào".


Sao kì vậy ta ? Khóc mà cũng biết trước được nhỉ ???


tốt câu hỏi


I just want to help, not being picky.

  1. adjectives or descriptive words usually come after the noun they modify.
  2. "tốt" denotes good quality. I suggest "hay" instead, which means interesting, exciting

câu hỏi hay. or hỏi hay lắm, hỏi rất hay


they are both good points. e.g. ý kiến tốt (good idea), or tháng sau (next month).

sáu tháng = six months. tháng sáu = June

By the way, can we use 'hay' in vietnamese the way we use it in English, to mean something was 'not so good'. e.g. 'We had lunch at the cafe by the river. The main course was great. The pudding was..... 'interesting''.


"Tôi sẽ khóc vào tuần sau". được?


How about: 'Tôi sẽ khóc trong tuần tới'.


I think that it's similar, but use "vào' heard good than "trong"


How can you be so sure? Emotions are unpredictable.

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