"Chcę coś ci powiedzieć."

Translation:I want to tell you something.

August 25, 2016

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Generally we say: "chcę CI coś powiedzieć" if we talk to 1 person, and "chcę WAM coś powiedzieć" if we talk to 2 or more people. Sorry 4 my english ;)


I guess that both ci and wam are Dative? Regarding the construction alone, it would make sense to me.


Yes, they are.


Where can I find more information about the difference between perfective and normal infinitive? Is not clear at all to me


So ci is dative for you. Does this mean ci is the indirect object ? I want to tell you something. Is something the direct object ?


Is there much difference when you say "Chcę coś ci powiedzieć" and "Chcę ci coś powiedzieć"? I don't think there is any difference in the English translation, but my answer was marked wrong because of the word order


I put "I want to say something to you" but it was marked wrong. Is there a clear difference in Polish between "tell" and "say"? Which verb would you use for "say"?


Well, you could show the difference between those two options by saying "powiedzieć coś do ciebie", but that's not that natural, and the English sentences are definitely synonymous. Added your version.


Thanks for the clarification!


Is powiedzieć the perfect form of the verb here, same as zrobić or is it normal infinitive like robić. I mean does the sentence mean I want to tell you something now or later?


powiedzieć- perfective, mówić- imperfective.

but the difference wouldn't be now or later, more like - tell once, or keep telling.


Is it possible to put it in this order: 'Chcę coś ci powiedzieć'?...or is it unnatural?


Actually that's exactly what we have as the main sentence. Although I'd vote for "Chcę ci coś powiedzieć", personally.


This whole perfective/imperfective thing caught me totally off guard. I am used to the imperfective verbs, which were presented earlier, and I noticed that many of the perfective are quite similar. Is there a way to relate them? I have noticed some prefixes, but so far no defining pattern has caught my eye.


I do not believe there is an easy way, which by the way is the reason we are very strict in keeping tenses the same, no Present/Future interchangeability even if the meaning is almost the same sometimes (I will visit her tomorrow/I am visiting her tomorrow).


Hmm, so I suppose I will just have to treat them as different verbs and try to learn them :/


Love the song/remix "chcę ci powiedzić coś, chcę ci powiedzić!" Does that word order sound ok or was it just artistic licence?


It's "powiedzieć" :)

I don't love it, it sounds a bit songish, but we accept it.


oops, sorry for the typo. Yes, I would hope the song "Chcę ci powiedzieć coś" would sound song like-- very catchy song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I23Y5GqdAaM

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