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  5. "אני לא נגדו או נגדה."

"אני לא נגדו או נגדה."

Translation:I'm not against him or her.

August 25, 2016



I was corrected with the following: "I am not against him or against her." That is not proper English! You should allow for "I am not against him nor against her."

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They should. This is a Hebrew course, not an English course, so they should be liberal in what they accept when it comes to English.

But isn't it supposed to be "I am neither against him nor against her" ?


Yes! I did it and was marked wrong. I reported it, telling them that the "correct" solution is unnatural. I hope they take this seriously because, IIRC, you are a native Hebrew speaker, and I'm native English. Well done!

And, here's a lingot.


a little slower speach could be helpful!


is the או silent, because the word before ends with ו or is there a difference in sound?

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Not intentionally, but you try saying it fast without the או blending into the previous work.


So you need that second נגד? You can't say או אותה?

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No. There is no way to split נגדו. You can't say "נגד אותו" or "נגד הוא", so you can't avoid repeating the נגד


או can't hear the word


Well, he speaks the two וֹs in נֶגְדּוֹ אוֹ with a sort of prolonged [o]


But he is against her, he is against him, and they are against you.

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