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  5. "התשובה היא כן."

"התשובה היא כן."

Translation:The answer is yes.

August 25, 2016



I think i have heard Israelis use both of the following constructions to mean, "The answer is yes."

התשובה זאת כן

התשובה היא כן

Is there a preferred way?


ha-tshuvah hee ken


When is the wedding?


מזל טוב!


Why is a pronoun needed and why can you use she


Then you say a noun is a noun (an I think yes and no are somewhat like nouns?) you have to use a pronoun. Like in

מלפפון הוא ירק.


My understanding of these nominal sentences and the "copula" is that we will get used to it with time. I think it is optional here but preferred because of the definiteness of the statement and that היא is slightly more formal. Since the context is unknown, we can only guess that in this case it's an authority figure speaking and so maybe the more formal is used. Perhaps if one were on the street and asked a question, we might get זאת here or it might get left out. I share your question and have been keeping my eye out for tendencies. If you get a better feel for it over time, let us know please and share your insight. תודה


And she is correct because תשובה is female


Finally, me and Duo can live happily forever :-)


did we learn somewhere already the word התשובה? I didnt notice and bum it appears without reading it for us

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