August 25, 2016

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She doesn't roll the r in the example. Am I supposed to roll or trill the r?


Yes you are as with all other Welsh "r"s, (Though remember "Rh" is a letter in and of itself and has a different pronounciation.) Though if you can't roll your "r"s then don't worry, I've spoken Welsh since childhood and I have to make a concious effort to roll my "r"s. To hear it with a trilled "r" go to "Forvo.com" and type in "Hydref" in the search bar.


Thanks, both EllisVaughan and Ibisc. I knew that 'rh' was always and unvoiced trilled R but just wasn't sure about the single R being lightly trilled at all times. I will always give the Rs at least a quick tap of the roof now :) I could trill my R easy since childhood when I used to use it for a pretend machine gun. What a phonetically diverse language welsh is, to have two different types of trilled R, along with two different types of dental fricatives and the welsh LL sound.


Trill if you can, don't worry if you can't. Because the r is at the start of the unstressed second syllable it will be less obvious anyway.

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