"The apple falls onto the new desk."

Translation:Az alma az új íróasztalra esik.

August 25, 2016

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why is az alma esik az uj iroasztalra wrong?


It should be accepted. Report it, please.


It is not wrong but note that you are emphasizing the apple. The apple, not some other fruit, falls onto the desk.


Az alma ráesik az új íróasztalra. This is a better translation of the sentence. However, Duo do not like it.


Why not esik le, or leesik? Unlike the frog already sitting down, this apple is actually in the act of falling, in motion, so?


why az alma leesik az uj iroasztalra is wrong? its not clear from the english sentence if we put focus on that it drops on the table, not on floor, or if its apple and not pear, or i misunderstood something.

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