"The man, which is reach goes to over to the woman."

Translation:Az a férfi megy oda a nőhöz amelyik gazdag.

August 25, 2016

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By the way, the English sentence is trying to say "The man, who/which is rich, goes over to the woman" (I believe).


Yes, it is definitely trying to say "rich", not "reach". But there is a huge problem with the use of the commas here, as well. It is a big mess at the moment, all over the course.

The man who is rich goes over to the woman. - Az a férfi megy oda a nőhöz, amelyik gazdag.
This one identifies the man as the rich one. Which man? The one who is rich.

The man, who is (by the way) rich, goes over to the woman. - A férfi, aki (mellesleg) gazdag, odamegy a nőhöz.
Here, we are talking about just one man, no need to identify him. The man. And, as a side note, he is rich.

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