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"There is somebody standing and waiting under the clock, too."

Translation:Az óra alatt is áll és vár valaki.

August 25, 2016



The "there is" is somewhat misleading here, surely just "Somebody is standing..." would work?


Yes, you should report it.


《Az óra alatt valaki is áll és vár》?

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Do not use "valaki is", that sound unnatural.

Like RyagonIV, said in his other comment, "valaki más is" = "someone else too" makes sense, but "someone too" is weird.


That should work, too.

EDIT: Young and dumb, constantly learning, "valaki is" sounds weird. Please disregard this comment and read Jzsuzsi's. (Dec '19)


I don't think so unfortunately. The 'somebody, too-valaki is' not too meaningful, either.


Az óra alatt is áll valaki és vár


Don't be silly,how could you put the normal translate Valaki is all es var az ora alatt as incorrect.


Disregarding my earlier comment, I'm not sure what you'd want to say with "valaki is". That would mean "Besides [???], there is also somebody standing there." It puts an emphasis on valaki that feels kinda odd.

Like, if you want to say that Maria is standing under the clock, and another person, you'd at least say "somebody else", "valaki más", but not just "somebody".


Sorry I do not understand your explanation ''valaki''at the end of the sentence in Hungarian.is somebody but at the begin it is besides.Those were the sophists my dear RyagonIV in old Greek philosophy only Thanks for trying to explaine it is very kind of you as usually


I'm not talking about the word order, but specifically about the combination "valaki is". It sounds kinda odd.


Upon me the problem is in the word order I used valaki in front of the sentence and duo denied it and put valaki at the end


It is incorrect sadly. Valaki az óra alatt is áll és vár is good, though.


Oh my Good again the same catch.Last time I made a pause for 15 days to repair my nerves and now again .Please correct it immediately,there are no reasons for such a sentence


Your nerves were really rattled from a silly app?

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