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  5. "She cannot be a lawyer"

"She cannot be a lawyer"

Translation:Cô ấy không thể là một luật sư

August 25, 2016



Không có thể should also be accepted :)


The phrase "Không có thể" is rarely used. In fact, I never heard it before. If you can provide a reference that uses this phrase, I'd love to have a look.


I hear Vietnamese relatives of mine say "có thể" and "không có thể" very often, and they are all native speakers. Many phrases are probably quite different coming from different areas of Vietnam. I agree that "Không có thể" should also be accepted.


Haha my reference would be my assimil book, lesson 58, footnote 7. It basically says that không thể can also be encountered as không có thể. However, they are using không thể in the examples so... I suppose it's seldom used ^_^


It sounds very strange. A search with Google also does not show any texts that contain this phrase.


haha perhaps it was more common in 1994 when my book was published


Cô ấy không thể là một luật sư.


The neck tattoos are betraying her: she's definitely not a lawyer.

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