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"Zawsze kupowałem jedenaście cytryn."

Translation:I always used to buy eleven lemons.

August 25, 2016



What about "I would always buy eleven lemons".

It's a little bit of a fragment, but isn't this sentence anyways a fragment, if someone told you "I always used to buy eleven lemons" you would be like wot


But your sentence is totally different: you are talking about the future, and the sentence to translate is in the past.


"would" never refers to future tense.


How so? I understand "I would always" as a construction with the meaning of "I always used to", but why wouldn't it be used in the future meaning? As in "If I earned enough money, I would always buy eleven lemons"?


Sure, it can refer to what the future was from the vantage point of the past (future in the past) but this should not be conflated with actual future tense, which "would" can never mean. After all, "would" is the "past tense" form of "will".


As a native English speaker, I would say "I could always", not 'I would"


"could" and "would" have different meanings so the usage depends on what meaning you want to impart. e.g. "could" is a form of "can".


Ok, in general you are right, that "would" most of the times is used when talking about the past not the future. But in conditional clauses it can sometimes mean a future action as well. Ex. "I would never do that" can refer to the past and the future. "If I asked you, would you come?" again talking about the future action.


That's not future, it's conditional. It's best to think about conditional as a tense of its own, the tense of being dependent on another action.


11: not 10, not 12, 11. Every time. Nothing weird about that at all.


why not i bought


I don't think "always bought" seems okay, and even if it is in English, then it translates to "zawsze kupiłem" which doesn't really make sense in Polish.


"I always bought eleven lemons" is a perfectly good English sentence, but I think it would primarily be used in a context where you're saying when you always bought the lemons. As in: "I used to go to that store over there, and whenever I did, I always bought eleven lemons."

All that said, I feel much better translating "zawsze kupowałem" as "I always used to buy" than as "I always bought".


Doesn't sound correct

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