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"Tôi thích đi đến trung tâm thương mại."

Translation:I like to go to the shopping mall.

August 25, 2016



From 中心 ‘centre’

  • Mandarin: zhōngxīn
  • Cantonse: zung1sam1

And the Sino-Vietnamese word from:

  • 商 ‘trade, commerce, business’ (also the first archæologically attested Chinese dynasty)

Mandarin: shāng

Cantonese: soeng1

  • 賣 ‘sell’

Mandarin: mài

Cantonese: maai6


我给你 tiền. Tôi thích lớp tiếng Trung Quốc :)


Should "I like to go to shopping malls" also be accepted?


Also "I like going to shopping malls"


Someone can help me with my English?

I tried for two answers "commercial center" and fail. "Shopping mall" and "commercial center" are the same or not?


I don't think "commercial center" is used in English, it sounds more like a literal translation from Italian, where "commerciale" has a slightly different meaning. In English however you don't go to a mall to do commerce (i.e. to trade), you go there to buy things (i.e. to shop), so "shopping" is the more appropriate word. This is my understanding as a native Italian speaker, if some native English can chime in it would be appreciated.


Without further context for the sentence, is there any way to judge whether this is a general statement (in which case a plural noun is suitable) or whether the speaker has a particular mall in mind?

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