"Péter már letöltötte az új filmet."

Translation:Péter has already downloaded the new movie.

August 25, 2016

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Does "Péter has already downloaded the new film" work as a translation?


This is a rather new verb I assume, and tönt seems to originally mean fill, pour or load (a gun!, since you fill it with several things, today with rounds, so I guess this is rather clear). But did tönt also take the place of "load/open" file? And le is down anyway. Tönt also used for "fill" your drive with data?


I'm not following this. This lesson uses the word tölt, not tönt. And according to another lesson in this skill, önt means "pour."


tölt it is! Back to the original question(s),

  • Loads a file = Betölt egy fájlt
  • Open a file = Megnyit egy fájlt
  • Downloads a file = Letölt egy fájlt
  • Uploads a file = Feltölt egy fájlt
  • (The screen is) loading = Betöltés
  • Fills a drive with files = Megtölt egy meghajtót fájlokkal
  • The drive is full = A meghajtó megtelt
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