"My fridge is in the kitchen."

Translation:Мій холодильник на кухні.

August 25, 2016

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This is a little strange to me because 'на' means 'on the' and 'у' means 'in the', 'inside of the'. Are there any different meanings of vocabulary in this situation?


Both на кухні and у кухні are used. The meaning is the same..


Thanks for the clarification! As a speaker of another Slavic language, the prepositions can be confusing to me sometimes :)


How can I tell wether to end the word with у or not?


Normally "-у" is the ending for the Accusative form of a feminine noun. So you should look at the noun and check: Is the noun feminine? Is it an object of some verb i.e. the action is done to it, it's receiving the action? If both are "yes", then you add "у"


or if you say "in something", say with на or у, then you need to use a locative case, and that adds a у for certain classes of nouns

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