"A nagy hegyen sok fa áll."

Translation:There are a lot of trees on the big mountain.

August 25, 2016

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I reported at least 10 times for them to accept this phrase: "many trees are standing on the big mountain" And the "correct" one has a lame error


Hm, that sounds unnatural to me. "Many trees stand on the big mountain" is the natural way of saying it, unless the trees are Ents who walked there from somewhere else.


Yes it's very frustrating, Reported again for what it's worth


It is accepted now (5.6.2017)


"Many trees stand on the big mountain" was accepted.


Literal verses normal speech. In common usage English we might refer to there being a "stand" of a certain kind of trees, such as "a vast stand of Ponderosa pines," but not "trees are standing." How can we help this Beta version develop more common usage friendly solutions for English speakers? Thanks for listening!


I used mountain, and was told it was wrong, but your translation above states it is OK.


Mountain is still wrong when using the app.


Many trees are on the big mountain is accepted as for 21.06.17. Still "There are a lot of trees on the big mountain" is considered wrong by DL

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