Broken Sync

The latest iOS 7 app is broken. I completed a level in the subway (offline), earned a lingot, but am prompted to redo the level. Please fix my account.

Details here:

February 7, 2014


I've had the same problem since the iOS7 update. I've redone so many lessons. I really hope they could fix this soon. This is my favorite subway activity.

Duolingo is great, but it is not "on the run". If I stay in the same spot and the internet connection is stable, then I don't have any problems. Unfortunately, I'm learning when I have a few spare minutes here and there "on the run".

I'm not on a sattelite phone. I'm on a reliable connection that gets interrupted when I go offline into the subway or into some buildings, like the grocery store. In New York City, we often wait in line at Trader Joe's for 20 - 30 minutes. I can typically finish a level in this time. Or I can translate an article or small text for the translation side of the business. I'm happy to be a Duolingo "employee", but please fix the sync issue. I don't mind re-typing a lesson the computer where I type upwards of 50 wpm, but on the phone or iPad, I'm slower than kristinemc's grandma.

For the time being, I've switched to using the web site until the problem is fixed. It's frustrating because the language learning methodology in Duolingo is amazing, but the scaffolding still needs some work.

I've reported this problem a long time ago. Aggressive saving of the user state locally in addition to server-side will fix the problem. Please hack up a quick solution to save our time and fix it for real later.

Thank you kindly, Big fan, Dan

How is the improved offline syncing coming along? I just lost a bunch of progress because of doing some levels offline and this discussion started 3/4 of a year ago... what, if any, solutions to the problem have been created?

Hi danikinad- we are looking into this. I also wanted to add that we are working on improving offline mode (for the next update!).

Thank you. I'm almost done with the countries level. Could you please fix the adjectives section that I ask about for my account?

I love Duolingo, but don't have time to repeat lessons more than once, especially when I'm typing one-handed in the subway on the way to and from work during rush hour. Because of the offline-return-to-online bugs, I've had to redo levels more than 10 times (thankfully not the same one).

I look forward to the next update. In the meantime, please take care to fix the section in question.

Thank you, Dan

Just gave you a lingot. Please reply. If you can't fix my account by looking at the history, let me know. I'd like to avoid redoing the section in question. Thank you, Dan

Same problem for me :( Sigh, one week progress is gone

same problem. android - gingerbread

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