"Where do I turn here? Right or left?"

Translation:לאן אני פונֶה פה? ימינה או שמאלה?

August 26, 2016

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Why are right and left feminine here?


They're not. The ה suffix here indicates direction. It is used in some specific expressions, such as ימינה, שמאלה, קדימה, אחורה, הביתה.


it is not feminine. "ימינה" means "to the right", and "ימין"means "right". just like "i'm going home" is translated "אני הולך הביתה" and not "אני הולך בית/לבית"


However, you can write לבית instead of הביתה to mean "to the house" (at least according to ChayaDoppelt's comment below). Can you also write לימין and לשמאל? (DL didn't accept it, FWIW)


The letter ה is pretty handy. You can ask questions with it and point directions with it. :)


Le'an ani pone po? Yamina o smola?


Does the Hebrew sentence need, "פה" in it? As someone else has pointed, "Where do I turn?" is the correct English phrase but can you leave out the, "here" in Hebrew?


Why would it be incorrect? You come to a crossroad and you stop and ask a person sitting next to you: Where do I turn here? Right or left?


The biggest problem with the English is the use of "where". "Which way do I turn (here)?" would be better, as it makes it clear that we're talking about direction and not location and that the Hebrew should use לאן and not איפה. As Danny said, the word "here" isn't redundant, because you could be asking about a turn 3 blocks from here or about a turn right here.


Sorry that wasn't a good question.

As LSudan points out, "Which way do I turn (here)?" is the better English translation.

How do you say, "Where do I turn?" meaning at what point do I turn off this road? Is it, "לאן אני פונה" or is that too unspecific?


What is the difference between לכאן and פה? Are they used interchangeably


the english is not correct. one would not say Where do i turn here, but Which direction do I turn. Having to translate grammatically incorrect English sentences into grammatically correct Hebrew is difficult !


How is the expression “Where do I turn here” grammatically incorrect? I was not persuaded by LSadun’s explanation below. If I ask “Where do I turn here?” it’s difficult to see where there might be any confusion as to direction versus location.


What is the difference between לאיפה and לאן


As far as I know, לאיפה isn't used. איפה is a static location, and destinations are represented with לאן.

However, איפה isn't completely static, since you DO say מאיפה for "from where", a.k.a. "whence". Which doesn't really make sense, but that's the way it works.


Instead of discussing English indefinitely can we learn Hebrew? ;) In Hebrew Where associated with the verb To turn is לאן with the ל of direction. But when we say Turn to the right the "to" is implied by the final - ה So question: if the answer does not talk of a direction but a place (I turn at the 3rd post for example), do I have to say : אני פונה לפוסט השלישי ?

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