"You are nice to me."

Translation:Jesteście dla mnie mili.

August 26, 2016

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Jesteś dla mnie miły was accepted. Is 'jesteś' governing the -y / -i / -e ending, so the gender of 'mił- ' reflects the gender of the person (you: m / f / pl) referred to?


Jesteś refers to one person, so it can be followed by "miły/miła" (m/f) depending of the gender of the person you refer to. "miłe" (n) is possible, but referring to a person you are talking to with neuter form is rare

Jesteście refers to more than one person, it can be followed by "mili/miłe", depending on who is in the group. (if there is one man in the group - mili, all women miłe)


It is very easy for an English speaker (especially one with precious little knowledge of grammar) to get lost in all these cases and declensions, especially the rules on mixed groups. Your answer clarifies it superbly well. Many thanks!!


Jestes dla mnie bardzo mily


I get annoyed when the hint does not match the word bank. Ie mili is not offered but mily is. I know that mili is the correct response with jestescie but then doubt myself.


Why does it say i have a typo? "Jesteście mili dla mnie"


We somehow missed this answer but probably it was considered a typo of "miłe dla mnie". It's perfectly okay of course, added it.


What's wrong with 'Jesteś mi miły' ?


That's quite an old-fashioned construction, which on top of that means (used to mean?) something completely different.

I'd say that it means something in the direction of "I have feelings for you".


Many thanks for clarifying.


why not dla mnie jestes mila?


Well, that would need quite a specific context. I can imagine "- Nie jestem miłą osobą, ranię ludzi - Dla mnie jesteś miła..." ("- I'm not a nice person, I hurt people. - You are nice TO ME..."), but even that could be said with a normal word order, just more emphasis.

Also it could potentially mean "You are nice in my opinion".

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