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Translation:Sự cạnh tranh

August 26, 2016




He is competitive: anh ấy là cạnh tranh.

The football competition: Sự cạnh tranh bong da.

It was their competitiveness that helped them win: ..... sự cạnh tranh của bạn...


Not quite!

He is competitive: anh ấy có tính cạnh tranh [he has the quality of competitiveness]

The football competition: giải bóng đá (giải đá banh in colloquial Southern Vietnamese). [competitions are normally "giải"]. Cuộc thi can also mean "competition".

It was their competitiveness that helped them win: (là) sự/tính cạnh tranh (đã) giúp họ chiến thắng [It is/was the quality of competitiveness that help(ed) them win]

There are some other ways to say it but I would use those ^


Brilliant. Thank you very much.


su canh tranh is more a rivalry then a competition.


DL really, really REALLY needs to make its font bigger. You often can't read the diacritics.

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