"A piros alma a fekete autóban van."

Translation:The red apple is in the black car.

August 26, 2016

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can we take out van?


No, we can't. "A fekete autóban" is like an adverb here, you always need van in such cases.


köszönöm szépen


Frustrating!!!!!!!!!! Good answords with typos are wrong!! I am not learning english but hungarian don' t you understand that?


The computer has to check somehow that you made a right translation and didn't just mash random buttons. :)

Usually Duo gives you leeway of one misplaced letter per word. Unless that makes you accidentally spell a different actual word in which case it counts as a wrong translation.


I so understand this. It's anything when you get something wrong in English that would still be understood. Like, so many use "fishes" and "deers", but people are so picky about these not being valid plural. But it still shows that you understood the text. Another common mistake by non-natives is "didn't saw", "didn't needed", where the second verb should be present tense and not past tense. It's picky to reject such mistake.


There is a red apple in the black car. I think,it is ok, too


a piros alma is "the red apple", not "a red apple".

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