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Unseen new verbs marked as learned after passing test for es:verbs:present-1

Hi, i wonder of anyone had the same experience:

I luckily mastered a test for a spanish Verbs:Present1 that introduces some new verbs. Although not all verbs appeared in the test.

However afterwards for all the verbs (even those I never saw, like dormir) it shows "seen: 15 times", "forms seen: 5".

Is this set automatically? I think, a test should contain all new mandatory words of the specific chapter.

February 4, 2013



Dormir shows up plenty of times in Verbs Present 1.

In all its 5 main forms:

Duermo, I sleep. Duerme, he sleeps. Dormimos, we sleep. Ustedes duermes, you sleep. Tú duermen, you sleep

What other forms do you want?

All those 5 forms show up a lot in the following lessons too, you'll get plenty of chance to practice them.


i did not see any of them during the test. because I skipped the lessons by passing the test, they did not show up for me.


Well you can hardly blame (or criticise) the system then if you skipped all the lessons in Verbs Present 1 and then moan because Dormir didn't show up in the test!

Verbs Present 1 is as much about learning the verb endings as it is about learning the verbs themselves. Once you know Dormir is sleep and know verb endings what's the problem?

I'm afraid I have very little sympathy for anyone who chooses to skip over entire lesson blocks and then complains they missed something, but not only that goes on to criticise the system for their own failings.


Please don't take it as blaming. Simply the fact "seen: 15 times" is not true what confused me. If this info is set automatically it is misleading to show it. Leaving the counter at zero would bring up more sentences containing it to test if I really know the word. Does this make sense for you?


I understand what you're saying, but I don't understand the logic of what you're saying.

Why did you take the test to Master Present Verbs 1, then complain you now have less chance of practicing some of the verbs contained within it? If you know the verbs already, why do you need to practice them?

In any case, I wouldn't concern yourself. Dormir shows up quite a lot in future lessons – you'll get plenty of chance to practice it.

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