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"A macskához vagy a tigrishez?"

Translation:To the cat or to the tiger?

August 26, 2016



I'd choose kitty every time.


this has to be resolved. this is the allative case. allative case is DEFINED as motion toward. so toward the cat or toward the tiger is called wrong. Hungarianreference.com says toward. Thefreedicrtionaryccom says toward. Yet in this whole set of allative lessons, hours of work, toward is systematically and erroneously marked wrong. Reporting does no good. They are teaching wrong stuff here.


They want you to learn that allative means motion that ends up at a place.

"toward" indicates a direction more than an endpoint. "They walked towards the city for an hour but then stopped and had a rest." -- means they did not reach the city, though they walked in that direction. The allative case would be inappropriate here.

I believe that is why they do not accept "toward" in this case but want "to".

As for "reporting does no good" - it can take months for reports to be acted on, given the number of reports and the number of couse developers. Little immediate visible impact does not mean that the effort of reporting is completely in vain.


Is it just me or is the pause oddly placed before ‘hoz’ instead of ‘vagy’? It makes it sound like it’s supposed to be ‘hozvagy’ somehow.

[deactivated user]

    I learned that hoz/hez "to where XXX is" or "to XXX's place".


    English does not require the repetition of "to". Reported.


    What to the cats and tigers?


    Question: "Where are you going? To the cat or the tiger?"

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