"Who is working at the markets?"

Translation:Kik dolgoznak a piacokon?

August 26, 2016

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ki a piacokon dolgozik. acceptable? it was rejected.


No, it's not. The question word usually needs to be in the focus, ie followed by the verb. Exceptions that come to my mind are miƩrt (why) & hogyhogy (how come.) There might not be any other exceptions, tbh.


Thank you, this is a very useful answer


Why plural is valid... "Who is working"


"Who is [doing something]?" can be singular or plural in English. There's no way to tell.


I'm confused why the -on ending is used for sentences like this. How can you work on a market? Or does the -on ending have many meanings in Hungarian? How can we know when to use what ending?


Markets are, generally, open air environments, so you are considered to be working on them, whereas you'd work in a bank. Also you travel on buses, trams, and trains, but in planes, due to the lack of headroom in the latter.

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