"Hol vannak Jánosék?"

Translation:Where are János and his friends?

August 26, 2016



Sorry do you add ek on to a name to get and his family? Can you clarify, thanks

August 26, 2016


Yes. But the meaning of -ék can be more broad than just family. It's more like "...and the rest of the group." Context would decide whether that means "Janos and his family" or "Janos and those guys" or "Janos and his buddies" or whatever precisely. (Jánosék is almost exactly what people - with bad grammar - would have referred to as "Janos an' them" where I grew up.)

August 26, 2016


------- you might think, "posse " . . .

Big 14 nov 18

November 15, 2018


Yes I can see that from other examples. As you say you just have to make itbout from the context. I am an aussie and some people use the plural yous which of course is equally bad grammar .

August 27, 2016


"Yous" occurs in some very, er, special accents of American English as well - namely those of a few very special cities in New England. As for the rest of us Americans, if we want to use to a grammatically incorrect plural form of "you", we say "y'all", a contraction of "you all". (And if you want to get really grammatically incorrect, you can even say "all y'all" - "all you all"!)

October 11, 2016


I don't know how special it is, people saying youse as plural you is ridiculously common in the mid-atlantic states.

y'all is definitely the most common, mostly in the south. Even I often say you guys to mean plural you

October 30, 2016


Hol vannak Jánosék és barátaik ?

April 18, 2017


Maybe "Hol vannak János és az ő barátjai?" ?

August 8, 2018


Helyre kellene tenni a programot .

April 18, 2017

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