"This road is too expensive."

Translation:Ta droga jest za droga.

August 26, 2016

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How would the usage of za versus zbyt be in this sentence?


Both (za and zbyt) are possible. „Za” makes rhythm better .

Moja Droga, ta droga jest zbyt droga.
My Dear, this road is to expensive.
Mój Drogi, nie chcę drogiej drogi.
My Dear, I don't want an expensive road

„Za” can be always changed to zbyt. In other way it is not always possible. „Za” cannot be used with adjectives that are derived from verbs like: zmęczony (tired) or adjectives that start with „nie-” like „nieproporcjonalny”.


Very interesting! Thank you!


Do they use the same word?


"Ulica" not accepted? Ale dlaczego??


"Droga" is rather outside town, at least technically speaking (in everyday language it may be different), so I guess "ulica" should rather only be "street"...


Hmmm. Well, one of the "droga" pictures for "Select translation of “a road / way/ path”" seems to show a city street with a child and a cat, complete with graffiti :-)


The pictures may not be perfect ;)

Well one of the other contributors was more keen to agree with you, so if you really think it should be, I guess I won't argue that much...


I'd say that a road is the thing we drive on, even in a city. A street is a road plus the surrounding buildings. "This street is too expensive" would remind me of playing Monopoly, meaning that I can't afford living in this street.


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