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please provide link to discussion in emails about new comments

Hi, it's great to receive emails about new comments on followed discussions, but It only contains a link to the user that posted, not to the discussion itself. So whenever I want to see the full thread I have to look for it in the user's stream. Thanks!

February 4, 2013



When I get an email I can open the entire discussion with a click. There is a green box that says "View Discussion"


I also see the line "View Discussion Unfollow Discussion" after the comment, but not as a link. In the html code I find the links as:

href=3D"http= ://duolingo.com/#/comment/173786?from_email=3Dcomment"

3D is the ascii code for '='. So maybe it is about claws-mail which I use.


I think it is your email, too. I click on the "View Discussion" box and I'm in.


The actual problem is that the discussion link becomes garbled in the mail, like http://duolingo.com/?%2Fcomment%2F88493%3Ffrom_email=comment

The duolingo site apparently can't interpret that and reverts back to your duolingo home page.

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