"I have a cat and a dog."

Translation:Ho un gatto e un cane.

February 4, 2013

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I'm confused about ed and e. I thought if the next word started with a vowel, that e should become ed. Any advice?


While that is the classical recommendation, that's never been a strict rule, and varies regionally. If e is followed by a vowel and there is no pause between them (comma, point and so on) you can use ed; if duolingo doesn't accept it you should report it as a mistake on their part. Personally, I mostly use ed in "ed รจ", but it's pretty much personal preference.


shouldn't "una gatta" also be accepted ?


it is right but it's not very used, you will almost never hear someone saying "io ho una gatta a una cagna",they'll most likely use the masculine form


Seems to me if you have a female cat and a male dog you would certainly say 'Ho una gatta e un cane.'


I'm wondering the same.


i said "una gatta" and it was accepted


Id like to take this moment to point out the importance of the accents. e without the accent is "and" `e with the accent is "is"


I put "Ho un gatto ed un cane" and it was accepted, but is it "e" or "ed" in this case? Or are the rules a bit fuzzy here?


it was NOT accepted on 3/27/21


Is someone else having problems with a "grading" bar at the bottom of the screen that takes about 5 minutes. In each level i have been getting it at least once, sometimes twice.


I come to the comments section in hope to understand more about "e" and "ed".

There are WAY TOO MUCH noise on "gatta" and "cagna"!!

If you know the rhyme and reason for "un gatto e un cane" instead of "un gatto ed un cane", pray tell!

My goodness!

This is an exercise to understand "Conjunctions".

Focus please.


I put ho un gatto ed un cane and it wasn't accepted


I thought that they were expecting sia...sia

[deactivated user]

    Why isn't this Ho un gatto ed un cane? Are both acceptable?


    If is possible to use both "e" or "ed", DL has to accept both veesion. In other way it is very comic.

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